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Our walks can be taking a stroll around the neighborhood or keeping it all in the yard, they can be energetic or leisurely depending on your pet's needs.

If multiple walks are needed or more than one dog needs to be included, a fee adjustment will be worked out. Walks can be tailored to the needs of your dog and play time can also be included. We are also a trusted walker for senior living facilities.

Our rates range from $10 - $25

Our Walks

Our beach or trail walks can be brisk or leisurely and are only available schedule permitting (Beach walks are from Octoberto April and do include an additional fee).

Our rates range from $10 - $25

Beach and Trail Walks

Pet Sitting:

Multiple Visits: $15 - $25 depending on your requirements and size of breed. They can be tailored to your pets needs [water replenishment, feeding, playing, cuddling etc.]

Overnight Stays: 
$55 a night and includes a 30-minute walk, one 30 minute walk, feedings, medications, water replenishment, and playing with your pets.
There is an additional $10 charged for any services that are performed on a
National Holiday. 

Pet Taxi:

$25 a trip. This covers [$25 covers both drop off and pickup], Vet [$25 covers both drop off and pickup], Groomer [$25 covers both drop off and pickup], or Kennel [$50 covers drop off and pick up, $25 for drop off and
or pickup].

Pet Food Delivery

Food Delivery: $15 depending on distance [cost of food covered by client]

Pet Sitting

Pet Taxi

Food delivery

Other Services
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